Here’s the thing, I’m a new blogger! However, I’ve always had so much to say and ideas to share but never really got to finding a way to share it with people and so I decided to start this blog. I am currently a second year university student studying my Bsc IT and am born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

My blog is mostly lifestyle and is simply something where I share anything thats on my mind! Namely, student life, college and studying, lifestyle, food, beauty and exciting experiences. I am a cross between an extrovert and introvert, mostly inclined towards being an extrovert…
I am the type of person to try new things and test theories and I’m curious to see what the outcomes may be.

There’s so much to a person, that a few paragraphs cannot possibly cover it, so keep following to find out more about me, Suhina, aka HinkyPinks 🙂

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