Tips To Become An Early Bird

My tried and tested tips to becoming an early bird…

We all have them, some of us may hate them while some may love them, but no matter how hard you try, the sun has to rise and bring on a new day.

In my personal opinion, mornings are the most beautiful and productive part of the day! Sure I want to sleep in some days and get out of bed 10 minutes before midday but, for me, waking up at that time just seems to make the rest of my day so pointless and unproductive. I used to be such an early bird when I was younger, waking up before the sun rises and watching my favourite cartoons with my favourite cereal alongside my big sister. However, as the years went by and high school hit, I refused to open my eyes in the mornings and dreaded my day, hence starting my day on a negative note, being rushed out of the door not being happy with how my hair turned out really wasn’t working for me! When I started college and the workload increased, I realised that the way I ran my mornings was not healthy for me and so I decided to make a few changes and these changes honestly changed the whole way I look at life. I am more positive and energised in the morning and always ready to take on the day!

Being an early riser can really change your perspective on things in life, however, I understand that it can be so difficult to shock your body into waking up a few hours earlier than you usually do and eventually just go back to the habit of getting out of bed when you see that you have to be out of the door in 20 minutes! To create a suitable morning routine for yourself that keeps you relaxed and motivated in the morning, keep reading because today I’m sharing with you my tried and tested tricks that helped me become the early bird!


First off, you need to establish what your goals are for the morning, why you want a morning routine and how early do you want to wake up. Grab a notebook and write down what your goals are, whether it’s to be up before 7 or 6am or be able to relax with yourself a little bit before work or college or school. Figure out in your mind why you want this morning routine to work, is it because you want to get more done in the mornings? Or is it because you just want to get the most out of your day without wasting precious AM time? Then you can establish what time you want to wake up, start small then go big, I always tell myself. If you’re used to waking up at 9am but you want to be awake at 6am, don’t shock your system. Start small, and each day set your alarm 15 minutes earlier until you reach the time you want to wake up. Trust me, this tip played the biggest role in me starting my routine.

Once you have established your goals and figured out exactly why you want this, you should now decide on what you want to accomplish in the mornings before you head out the door. To make it easier, I wrote down a list of every single thing I wanted to do in the mornings. For example, you could put down on your list exercise, dress up and shower, read, drink water, have coffee etc. Every little detail counts, so write down every little task you want to do. Now that you can see what you want to do, evaluate how much time it takes you to do each task realistically from the time you open your eyes right until you leave out the door.

Next is to plan, in the beginning it’s a good idea to set out a planner for yourself giving the times and task in the morning (something like a timetable). This helps you stay on track and stick to your routine. It takes 21 days for your mind to associate and develop a new habit, so keep this consistency of your routine going for 21 days (including weekends!!!!) and your body and mind naturally adjusts and soon you won’t even need that alarm anymore!
Here are my tried and tested tips to help you have your best morning ever:

Put your alarm across the room: I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s true. Put your phone across the room before you go to bed so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Make sure your alarm tone is not something loud that will cause you to wake up in shock, choose your favourite song or playlist so that you wake up on a positive note.

While you in bed, stretch in out: now I’m not saying you should do a whole yoga sequence! However you shouldn’t jump straight out of bed as soon as your eyes open. Wake your whole body up by doing a few simple, every day stretches like your arms and torso etc. Even if you still half asleep just do it!

Get some sunlight: as soon as you out of bed to switch that alarm off, open your curtains and window to get some natural sunlight and fresh air. This does wonders, you will instantly feel awake. Personally, this is my favourite part of the morning, it really helps my brain wake up!

your body has gone through over 5 hours without any liquids! Drink a glass of cold water (add a slice of lemon if you want), this wakes up your immune system and stars up your metabolism for the day so you don’t feel dreary and tired anymore.

Find your motivation: do something that helps you feel motivated for the day whether its reading a positive article, watching your favourite YouTube video, listen to your favourite playlist. Do something that you love that will clear your headspace for the day.

Me time:
this falls along with finding your motivation. Taking a little bit of time in the morning to just be with yourself and do what you love will do wonders for your whole day. It gives you a positive mindset for the day because you know you started your morning with your music or reading or whatever it is that makes you smile. Take the time to be with your own thoughts.

quite the obvious tip but honestly speaking, not my most consistent one. Now I’m not saying that you should go and gym for an hour and do weights and all that crazy stuff. Especially if you’re not a fan, but just take even 10 minutes to do something active. Go for a quick jog around the block, do 10 squats in your room or jump rope. Anything to get your heart rate going.

my most awaited part of my morning, my caffeine intake. I am a coffeeholic and I cannot go a day without having my coffee (It makes me happy ). So brew up your favourite blend in the coffee machine or make that delicious cup of Nescafe! This is a must. If you not a coffee person, take in your caffeine with a tea. Tea is said to have a much higher percentage of caffeine compared to coffee.

I’m not joking, seriously! EAT SOMETHING! I used to never eat in the morning and by 10am I was hungry and tired already. But I started eating something small every morning and I feel so much more energized throughout the day! Grab a granola bar, or make a smoothie, have oats or even have a full on Wimpy breakfast if you must! Just make sure your tummy is happy and full when you walk out that door!

Plan the night before:
to avoid those rushed mornings searching for things and figuring out what to wear, do this at night! Make your to do list for the next day, plan your outfits, pack your bags, get your lunch ready, do everything that takes up time in the morning so that you don’t have to stress over it the next day!

Make your bed:
I am not going to elaborate, all I’m going to say is that when you make you bed and your room looks neat before you leave, you feel much more better about yourself, speaking from experience 😉


That is all the tips and tricks that I have been using to build my morning routine on a positive and productive note! Remember if you start your day well, your whole day is bound to be great; as long as you don’t forget your coffee!!
Thank you for visiting and reading this article, if you guys have any more tips to add feel free to comment below or email me at I really hope this gave you a good idea on becoming an early bird!

Stay happy and stay positive!!
Much love!


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