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How I Make The Most Out Of My Day

University and college can get frustrating and stressful, especially when you end up spending so much more of your day in the library studying and attending lectures while trying to keep up to date with all your assignments and spend some time with friends. I’ve made a few changes to way I handle stress now compared to how I would in school, for example in school you had a specific time every day for a break to eat and socialise but when you’re on campus you need to plan your time out yourself. This semester my class schedule is a bit busier than the last so I had to work around my busy class times to accommodate time for studying, socialising and alone time (which to me is a must).


THE FIRST THING I do at the beginning of my semester is view my class schedule and look at all my dates for assignments, tests, exams and practicals. I take all those dates and fill it in on every calendar I have and in my planner, I then set reminders every week prior to my deadlines to make sure that I do not forget about them.

THE SECOND THING I do is create a timetable where I fill in all my class times, then with all the empty space and times around it I fill in ‘study’ which is usually 1-2 hours and after each class and study session I give myself a break, which is either 30 minutes or 1 hour long (depending on how long I was stuck in a classroom for!). Once I have it all filled in, I overlook it and make sure I’m happy with it. Each day must have at least 1 or 2 time slots assigned to ‘study’ time. In this time, I either study, complete assignments or prepare for my classes (I like to read over the work covered in class before I attend it so I know what to expect when taking notes).


THE THIRD THING I do is every morning when I arrive at campus I sit in my car, put on my music and drink my coffee before class to mentally prepare myself for the day ahead! This relaxes me in every way possible before I take on the day! Once my day has ended and I’m finally home, I do not open my books until the next day because that is my ME TIME (unless I just feel like reading over my notes again…NERD!).


If you assign yourself enough study sessions that you can cope with during the week and you stay on track and up to date with your modules, you shouldn’t have to open your books at home (unless you are writing an exam or test the next day for obvious reasons).

By following my own day plan that I know I can cope with, I have enough time to spend with friends, attend my classes, EAT and complete my studying and assignments! The key is to stay on top of your game and stay productive throughout the day, as soon as you decide to procrastinate your routine will be thrown off and you’ll find yourself pulling your hair out by the middle of your semester!

If you have any other ways to make the most out of your day, let me know by commenting or leaving me an email!

If you enjoy reading short stories, I am currently working on posting my stories soon, so stay posted!

Thank you my lovelies!


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