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How I Stay Motivated In Study Mode

Let’s admit it; none of us are exactly perfect when it comes to studying. This includes me. Sometimes the problem isn’t how much time we have left to study or how much help you need or even the methods you use to study, the problem is to actually get ourselves to sit down, switch our brains on and get some productive studying done!!!

In my previous post  when finals start knocking on your door, I mentioned a few tips of mine to help prepare for your finals, now I am going to share how I keep myself motivated while studying (you know, without the procrastination part).

Studying is the one thing we really have to do unless the choice of failure is available and that should not even be lurking in your brain at all! So, with the fear of failing, every morning (of my week off I’ve taken as my study break) I wake up at the same time I usually would for campus, NO LATER, as soon you tell yourself “10 more minutes, I don’t have anywhere to be”, you have already killed your motivation for the day. So, I wake up early and get ready as any normal day. I throw on some comfortable clothes and tie my hair out of my motivation

My most important study motivation before I attempt anything educational is to head to the kitchen and make myself coffee in my everyday travel mug and I fill a bottle up with water for myself. Next I take a good long look at my desk and wonder whether I should really study today or if I should leave it for the day before the exam…WRONG!! No, sorry, the next thing I actually do is clear my desk up and unclutter everything, otherwise unnecessary things will frustrate me. After all that I sit down on that chair and make a mental note that this is my new home for the day :D.

I set up all my stationary and take out all the study material I need then make a to-do list on what needs to get done that day. Once I know what my goals for the day are, I switch off all my distractions. Checking my phone has become a bit of an issue lately, so I downloaded an app to block out my social media for the time being. Now, I study in 1 hour intervals and take 10-15 minute breaks as I only start concentrating properly after 20 minutes of studying, so I set my timer for 60 minutes and I get to it!

While I’m studying, I make sure I understand the content and once I know I understand it I feel so much more confident about the section and this makes me want to carry on studying. I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it and it won’t last forever, once I’ve written the exam it’s over and I don’t have to look at these topics again. I obviously provide myself with snacks or I leave it for my break time so I have something to look forward to!

Whenever I feel like giving up and saying that’s enough for one day when I haven’t finished everything on my list, I realise that if I don’t this now it means that I’m either going to have more work to do tomorrow or I am going to fail this section and lose marks and not get the distinction I’ve been wanting! Yes, I have a very wild and busy mind! When I’ve completed all the tasks on my to-do list, I feel so proud of myself knowing that I’ve accomplished everything I said I would! It really is a rewarding feeling, I won’t lie! Then I can go to bed without a single thought about catching up on my mind and I can watch an episode of my series.

Then I sleep, wake up and repeat! 😉

To sum everything up for you, here’s what you could be doing to stay motivated:

  • Wake up early and do not ‘snooze’
  • Grab a good shower, comfortable clothes and make yourself look good so that you feel good!
  • Make a large cup of coffee and eat something like a muffin or a full on breakfast to kick-start your brain
  • Clear and prepare your study space and get all your stationary and material together
  • Turn off your distractions for obvious reasons

switch off

  • Make use of colour and post it notes while you’re studying and make your notes look attractive so that it doesn’t instantly bore you when you look at it
  • Reward yourself after each session with something to eat, another cup of coffee or a look-see at your phone so that you have something to look forward to while you’re studying
  • After every task you’ve completed, tick it off your list. Seeing that it’s done will make you feel good and want to keep going
  • Remind yourself of what the consequences will be if you don’t study
  • At the end of the day, and when everything’s been completed relax and reward yourself!


A little bonus tip, before I’m about to study, I google and have a look at motivational quotes. I write them out and stick them in front of me to keep myself motivated when I feel like about to give up (I’m quite the fan of making use of quotes for anything)!

Dedicate yourself to your studies until the end of your exams and it will be worth it! Never give up especially when you know what you are capable of!

Please leave any comments or you can email me and let me know your thoughts on motivating yourself to study and let me know if you have any other tips that could help.

Thank you for stopping by my lovelies…


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