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When finals start knocking at your door


Finals are obviously not our favourite time of the year, especially when you’re a college student with long modules to study with the fear of having to repeat that same module again but, they are approaching all of us fast whether it’s college or high school. To avoid this feeling, it’s always a good idea to prepare for your finals week! It always is a bad idea to study everything the night before for the first time, and so I’ve provided some of my personal tips for preparing for finals that I have always followed that have actually worked for me.

#1_ You should start 2 weeks before your finals planning a study schedule for yourself. I know, I know, even I some of the time am not disciplined enough to follow my schedule! This is why I don’t push myself so hard until an extent where I start wasting my time on unproductive things. The best thing to keep you interested in your studies, is to try to study at least two different subjects a day, spending 1-2 hours on each (even more if you know your limits).

#2_ If you know that basing your studying on time frames will not work, and that you will land up spending more time on taking a walk to re-warm your coffee most of the time (yes, this is what do when I’m at home), then rather set a small goal for yourself. This being, setting yourself a specific amount of pages or chapters to complete that day. This way you will feel more determined to finish off rather than completing 2 pages in a space of 1 whole hour then deciding that’s enough for one day.

#3_ Review your exam timetable every day. Not weird, I promise! Every day before I’m about to study, I have a good look at my timetable reminding myself how long I have still to go and somehow motivating myself to get it all done.

#4_ Making a realistic to-do/study list for yourself can be very helpful! Either make one for each day, or rather for each week and cross off as you go. Physically seeing how much you’ve accomplished can be a real good way of being your own motivation!

#5_ Always make sure your notes are up-to-date!! I cannot stress this enough, the last thing you want is to be completing notes 2 days before your exam when you could be revising and doing past papers. So whether they are summaries or your own personally made study guide, be sure that they are completed on time.

#6_ DO NOT CRAM!! Try your best to not cram an entire module of studying into one day or a few hours! The best method I have made use of, probably since I started high school is to study in intervals of 20-30 minutes while taking 5-10 minute
breaks. This way, my productivity actually increased as I am more determined to get a lot done in that 20 or 30 minutes of highly intense study time. As long as you don’t concentrate on what you going to eat during your break too much, like me 🙂 #Don’tJudge #YouKnowYouDoItToo lol!

#7_ This is now something that you hear from almost everyone, turn off all your distractions! So log out of your social networks, that way it’s more of a mission to check them because you have to type in your username and try 10 different passwords until it is accepted (only because I have a different password for everything like a genius!). Alternatively you could download an app to block out all your social networks (if you do this, please comment or e-mail and let me know how well it works. I’ve never actually tried it to be honest but I’ve heard it’s a good idea!). If you don’t trust yourself that well, you can remove your battery or switch your phone off or even remove your sim card all together! Taking thing to drastic measures…

#8_ Prioritize your modules! What I mean by this is, take the modules or topics that you are battling with or are not sure off and give them a high priority. This way you can spend more time on them and make sure you understand it well. Whereas the topics you are confident about, you can give them a lower priority as you have a full understanding of them and don’t need extra help (surprisingly, my lowest priority is programming and my highest is ‘the systems of a computer’).

#9_ Now before you even start all of this studying stuffs, you should have chosen a suitable environment for you to study! Decide whether you concentrate best in a library, resource center, your own desk, a lecture room or even a coffee shop. As long as you are comfortable and feel you will be productive, then great! It’s also a good idea to change-up your study environments, to give a different vibe. I feel different when I study in the library compared to my own desk at home and also different when I study in a complete non-study environment such as the canteen where I mostly watch people scream over their shots taken in pool!

#10_ The last tip I have for you is that every night before you go bed after a long, hard-working day of studying and your brain is practically FRIED, is to just take time to unwind and relax. Whether this is for an hour or 10 minutes, take the time to have a hot shower, get into bed, listen to music or read and just give your body a chance to reboot and prepare for the next day of studying and hard work and brain frying! 😀

So these are my top 10 pieces of advice for preparing for your finals week! I have been following these tips for a long time that until today I do not stress as much I probably should for my exams, because I feel ready and confident! Sometimes my parents stress about the fact that I’m not stressed, but hey what can you do?

Thank you for reading this post, please leave any comments and other tips you might follow that have helped you prepare for your finals, or you can e-mail me. You can also follow me on instagram : @hinkypinks or find me on twitter : Hinkypinks

Until next time my lovelies…GOODLUCK!!!



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